Around and About Paris

I am convinced that this guide will constitute from now on, for the British lovers of Paris, a reference book which will have the success it deserves.
French Ambassador to the UK.

Your book amazes me. You paint such a picture of Paris in words, that even one who has never been there, would experience the city, in all its detail, from a visual perspective. Thank you for the pleasure and knowledge that I am receiving from your work. 
Jay K. Stern, San Francisco

I am more indebted to Vallois's superb,three-volume walking guide to Paris than this reference indicates. I suspect that about three-quarters of the factual information in this essay about Paris and its history comes either from Vallois or from following up on things seen during the countless walks I took with her volumes in hand.
Brenda Machosky.

One of the best historical and cultural guides to this Left Bank area (and the rest of the city) is Thirza Vallois' Around and About Paris book series. Her insider's view of all the arrondissements transforms walking -- which is the only way to get around the heart of Paris -- into an educated adventure.

Thirza Vallois wrote a marvelous set of books that capture these sights, Around and About Paris. Not true guide books, they describe “how to see the real Paris on foot,” spilling details that give depth and meaning to the monuments and mix of ancient and modern history in Paris. A must for understanding the unique flavor of each arrondissement. She even reveals where to find the red brick office of the Objets Trouvés (lost property) where a grateful heroine might impulsively kiss the man who returns her stolen purse with her passport.
Adele Parker

Much gratitude and admiration to Thirza Vallois for her inspiring writings of Paris. Her books are excellent and I recommend them highly to any Paris-lover.
Virtual Tourist

Thirza brings a richness and sense of historical continuity to her "walks" around Paris - something I don't see in other writers.  Although I visit Paris often, it is only through Thirza's works that I find , each time, something new about otherwise familiar places. I never arrive in Paris without one of her books!
Michele Kurlander, Chicago.

I absolutely adore the Around and About Paris volumes, and Ms. Vallois has my deep respect for writing such comprehensive and informational works on Paris. Truly a masterwork. She has really helped me learn about and embrace my "foster home," as I am coming to think about it. I hope one day to hear her speak at such an event -- I'd love to meet the woman behind the books!   (And apparently, my fiancé has. The third volume is signed to him and his ex- wife, lol. Maybe I need to get some signed volumes of my own. :) )
Karin Bates Snyder.

I am unable to adequately express my level of appreciation for your three volumes on Paris, for your superb writing, thoughts, humor, insight, love of Paris.
I appreciate the time you took to respond to me as I imagine you must be bombarded with people praising these priceless volumes.
Darlene Arsanis, San Francisco

You have done one of the best things anyone could do for Parisphiles.  I love your books and am so amazed by the
research you did.
Kermit Horn, an American in Paris.

Many thanks for all the joy you have given me with your wonderful books about Paris, they are just great, fantastic, the
very best. Keep writing please!!!!! 
Dante Barrios, Uruguay.

Your book is amazing, so far I am onto the 4th arrond. I loved the first three!
I am a history buff so it is really a great read for me, I will recommend them to my clients also.  You have such a rich knowledge of the city, it’s fantastic.
Susie Bonapart, Paris.

Thank you so much for this excellent work. This is by far the best guide about Paris I have seen. I mean it! I bought three volumes of your Around and about Paris about 3 months ago and since then practically never walk around Paris without your wonderful books. 
Alexander Smoljanski

Thirza Vallois has lived for the better part of half a century in Paris. She holds a doctor's level at Sorbonne and her knowledge about Paris, both its history and present appears to be inexhaustible. But she is a writer of stories, much more than of history - and you read her books as if they consisted of 20 fascinating short stories. Each chapter starts with a stroll back in time for this particular arrondissement, followed by suggestions for walks, with an incredible richness in detail. Thirza Vallois's 3 volumes are the basic must haves on your travelbook shelf. To me, they are the "bread and potatoes" of my Paris database.
Gitte Bjergskov Kjaerulff, Denmark.

For a fascinating book filled with in-depth historical details, and several walking tours for each Paris arrondissement, look for Thirza Vallois' books.
Colleen X.

I was finally able to track down a copy of your Around and About Paris, the 13th - 20th arrondissements, and I am really loving it.  It is so fascinating and clearly written with such a love of Paris, I am really learning a lot.
Rosemary Flannery.

I bought a copy of Volume I at Village Voice and am almost finished with the 6th.  I am enjoying it immensely.  I am both familiar with every site you describe, but learn something new in every sentence.  It is incredible.  I don't think there is a fact in the book that I already knew.  Thank you for writing it.
Elayne Dauber, US.

Simply Beautiful! This is a must-have book for all lovers of Paris. Thirza Vallois (Around & About Paris) has excelled with this stunning guide to the charms of Paris--some famous, some lesser-known, all sensual and charming. Along with practical information, Ms. Vallois provides reviews of the most romantic places to shop, dine and sleep, plus tales of the city's famous lovers and detailed walks (because the best way to dicover Paris is definitely on foot!) Juliana Spear's photography captures this fabulous city at its best and will have you packing your bags so you can see it for yourself.
You don't need to go to Paris with a lover to enjoy this book although, with all the sensual treats described within, you're certainly going to want one :-)
Gabrielle Luthy, Austalia/Paris.

I ordered your three books last week and was amazed to have them delivered yesterday! Even better, I browsed through them and was really delighted with what I found. The critics are right; they are absolutely splendid, really informative and entertaining, too. I shall not only enjoy using them in our explorations of Paris, I shall also enjoy just reading them. Then, just to top off what was already a good buy, I discovered that you had signed them as well!
Keith Hunt, UK.

I want to thank you very much for the wonderful help your guide has been to me in my visits throughout Paris in the past days. Never has any travel book given me the feeling of being accompanied by a true human guide. I already look forward to the next visits on my program.
Philippe Piessens, Belgium.

"I have read all three volumes, but being on site made a huge and vivid difference. One of our French friends asked me which guide to Paris I liked the best. There was no contest - yours is the winner by far!
Erica Roberts, Berkeley, CA, USA.

I've just received the books. What can I say, they're simply outstanding and a terrific "helping hand" to all those wishing to spend a couple of weeks in Paris. I've already started browsing through the book and I'm sure I'll get the most out of it.
Eduardo Etcheverry, Brazil .

Let me mention that each time I put your piece together I am simply astounded by the amount of information you have brought together in these books. How did you do this?
Norman Barth, The Paris Pages


I  love your books, have them all, give them as gifts and refer to them often. Thank you,
Suzanne Justen.

Mrs Vallois is a queen - Feel as her invitee in Paris
Reviewer: Nantes from Chateau-Bois-Briand, Nantes Pays de la Loire, France Because Mrs Vallois has a love affair with Paris; because she devoted part of her life to this "cause", she is totally convincing.
When you read her descriptions of hidden details on houses nobody noticed before, you understand that Mrs Vallois deserves the right to consider herself as co-owner of "the spirit of Paris". Because this "spirit" is something that was invented by the French to be shared with others, feel free to become a "courtisan". Mrs Vallois books are well documented (no need to say).
It's like reading an architectural manual plus an history encyclopedia. All this while walking in charming places. I hope the next books will keep this knowledge embedded in a living style and that Thirza will add more illustrations. Buy this book. It will never look old-fashioned!






































































Romantic Paris

A wealth of guidebooks extols the wonders of Paris. The absolute place to start is Romantic Paris. Thirza Vallois dedicated herself not to explaining the reasons for the romantic appeal of Paris, but to showing you with sophisticated enthusiasm. You cannot help but envision your heroine wrapped in the arms of a charming Frenchman in the exquisite photos of genuine Paris, from hide-away hotels, restaurants floating on the Seine, and flaky pastries glittering with apricot glaze. This is the guidebook your heroine resolutely clutches to her chest as she explores Paris alone when her fiancé backs out of their wedding and honeymoon.
Adele Parker

See if you can find a book called Romantic Paris by Thirza Vallois. The whole book is enjoyable and useful (a rare combination).
Cynthia, CA.

ALL of Thirza Vallois' but especially Romantic Paris for the beautiful photos. You could seriously itinerize your whole Paris trip around her shopping suggestions.
Recommended on www.thevirtualtourist.com.

Romantic Paris Absolutely stunning! I loved this book, not only for it's gorgeous photographs, informative text, clear maps, but for the welcome inclusion of poetry and selections from French writers that help illuminate the magic of this wonderful city. This is a must have guide for anyone who wants to be swept away to Paris! (It is also conveniently sized to fit neatly into a pocketbook.)
T. MacCombie, (Amherst, MA United States).

Ms. Vallois's guide is beautifully layed out. The pictures are stunning and I read the book cover to cover before leaving on my trip.  This book is an absolute must for those who want to experience the Romance of Paris, either with someone or on your own.
Colleen M. Schneider, California.

Dear Aris Books,
A couple of years ago you sent us a copy of Romantic Paris by Thirza Vallois. As as fairly hard-bitten and ancient travel writer I recently turned to this book, and a number of others, to seek some fresh inspiration for a personal trip to Paris with my wife. I would like you to convey to the writer the great pleasure that we got from her tips. We stayed at the Hotel de la Tulipe, we visited the hidden Musée de la Vie Romantique (what a find!) and took dinner on board the yacht 'DonJuan'.
That was a spectacular evening, perfect weather, superb food and impeccable service.
John Northover, Travel Editor, Great Escape Magazine, Graphters Ltd, UK.

Thank you so much for writing the lovely book, Romantic Paris.  My boyfriend and I are delighting in your luscious descriptions -- we feel that our travel has already begun.  The charm you convey in your writing is a pleasure for us.
Betty Kaufman.

I don't normally write to authors but this book is so delightful with the clear, beautiful photos and the verses that I wanted to make a note of it to you.  You did a splendid job researching and writing this charming book.
Don Foster.

Aveyron, A Bridge to French Arcadia

The covers of this book are beautiful and foretell the gorgeous book you will find inside. I am a relentless traveler and love to read about interesting places when I am at home. This is one of the most amazing books of its kind to have been written in recent years. Ms. Vallois' talent is incomparable! I felt that I was there at her side on every page as she described the beauty of the countryside and the character of the people of the Aveyron. She plants all of this within the historical context of France and those who have passed through it over the past millenium. Treat yourself to an armchair visit to this gloriously remote and "undiscovered" part of France. You will hate to see those final few pages coming--it ends all too quickly as I fell in love with the people, customs, and beauty of the region I could have read several hundred more pages.
Richard J. Christison "Armchair Traveler", San Francisco, CA.

Thirza Vallois, both historian and travel writer, avoids that "just passing through" feeling found often in other travel writing. I always bring to Paris one volume of her three volume Around and About Paris, so that each trip I can again feel the thrill of learning a bit more about how every part of Paris is a colorful piece of an interconnected and ongoing historical story, and discover new and exciting historical tidbits about even familiar streets. In her new book Aveyron - A Bridge to French Arcadia , this same talent for storytelling, along with her childlike joy of discovery, encyclopedic knowledge of history, and her very real personal relationships with its people, lead us by the hand through the geography, the history, and the individuals populating this little known part of France - a hilly and often spectacularly beautiful rural area that is a fascinating mix of the ancient and the modern.
Michele Kurlander "Paris lover", Chicago, Illinois.


Thank you so much for a really tremendous talk - so beautifully constructed and delivered. All went away delighted. It was a tour de force.  Many thanks again.
Nicholas Payne, Chairman Art Fund - Cheshire Branch, UK.

The speaker was fantastic, with tremendous preparation and brilliant arrangement.
The National Arts Club - New York City.

In my years of conference attendance, I never once heard the caliber of presentation that Thirza Vallois offers. I had ordered and read several of her books in preparation for hearing her speak, so I was ready for her tone and style...but I wasn't expecting her charisma or the depth of her passion for Paris. (I traveled abroad with students eight times during my 22 years of teaching French at West High, so I'd heard my fair share of professional guides...I thought I had a basis for comparison. I didn't.) Anyone who has been to or through Paris, who has read a book or seen a movie about Paris, who has studied European history or Western societies or literature, will be enthralled by what she has to say. I believe she will blow off your collective socks!  
Barbara L. Hecker, Anchorage, Alaska.

You took us by the hand and led us to a wonderland. We listened with ears attuned and gawked with mouths open wide. You opened our minds to history galore whetting our appetite  to learn more. We feel privileged to have walked with you and share in your enthusiasm for what is obviously your great passion.
J. Holdcroft, Seattle.

To have YOU speak at THE Galerie Vivienne is just about the most perfect evening I could imagine! ... sadly, I will not be in Paris and will miss what I know will be an absolutely magical event ... I just had to write you and tell you that one of your biggest fans (me) will be there with you in spirit and heart that evening.
Paris Tannish, US.

You did such a FABULOUS event tonight. I could listen to you for hours. Really. And I'm sure a lot of people feel the same
Robin Katsaros, California.

Many thanks for your fabulous talk and enchanting photos. Your infectious enthusiasm took me to Aveyron in a flash. Have mentioned your book to people in Geneva recently.
Rhéa Atwood

"Thank you so much for bringing your wonderful lectures to ADFAS Noosa and to ADFAS Sunshine Coast.  You give so much of yourself with each and every lecture and members of both societies greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing so much of your vast knowledge with us.
Airlie Bell, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Thank you for your wonderful Paris in bloom lecture which you delivered to our Toowoomba society last week.  We had a most informative and pleasant evening.
Liz Hudson, chair, Australia.

I was simply thrilled to meet you yesterday at Shakespeare & Co tea party - still thrilled, in fact, my favourite author on Paris. I started your 3rd Volume. It's even more interesting to read what you wrote after meeting you. Now I can imagine how you would tell it in your own voice! I cannot imagine, however, how you went through all the information you must have had, choosing what to put in and where. I would have been so overwhelmed, and you do it all with such good humour and good writing.
Hae-Jean Noh, South Korea.

Mrs Vallois was such an inspiration and enthusiastic speaker that not only was each student in the audience enraptured, but many of those students then tried to figure out how they could stay longer or develop a career in Paris. In Ms Vallois you will find a fascinating speaker who is very versatile and personable.
Amy B. Ellzey, Director International Programs, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California 90263.

The lecture illustrated with a slide show, was a wonderful excursion through the streets of Paris, by this lover of this city with amazing depth and insights...
International Women's Club - Paris, France.

Very many thanks for a lively and stimulating address to Club L last Wednesday. The enthusiastic reaction of those who attended told you how well it was received. The excursion that you led to Montmartre was superb. Every time I have met up or spoken with anyone who was with you that day, it was the main topic of conversation.
L Club (International Professional Women's Club) - UK section.